Let’s get to that leap much sooner!

I use both esoteric and conventional methods to get you to the next level. Are you coachable? You will be supported, empowered and guided (maybe even the occasional shove when needed) to get you to spread your wings and fly!!


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Power Manifesting is Designed for Leveling Up Your Personal & Professional Life

I want to help women LEVEL UP and create their new lives using 25 years of professional experience and the added benefit of a Law of Attraction Specialist and Coach; This coaching is for a total makeover for women to reach higher goals for yourself in your personal style, hairstyle, mental game, hypergamy, wealth generation, lifestyle, wellness, mental health,  and spiritual mastery for a better quality of life.

My coaching is specifically designed for women who want to up their game. This is for you if you are a women trying to re-invent yourself after a failed relationship, going after a new job, recovering from divorce, wanting to massively improve yourself, or to finally reach a goal that you have set for yourself.

Kindheartedness /understanding plays a significant role in emotional intelligence - the knack of being in tune with other people’s emotions. This is becoming a crucial component of how the younger generation and millennials operate and feel. When you show empathy and compassion as a leader, you can and will inspire others to go above and beyond the call of duty for you. They will do their best work for you, and this will be crucial to your success. Today’s industry leading companies foster an atmosphere of creativity, originality and a sense of comradery and community in their companies and this is a key factor that contributes to their longevity and success.

01  Level Up Your Professional Life

Picture yourself featured on a magazine cover as an international entrepreneurial success story(YES YOU! — don’t worry that skepticism and doubt will soon be a thing of the past!). This amazing journey may have you crying, cheering, pulling out your hair, laughing, growing grey hairs, cheering again and sometimes even questioning whether this is really what you want to do. You may have days when you want to quit (which may be daily) or just simply lose your enthusiasm… but don’t worry I have plenty of enthusiasm for us both!  We will find out what’s holding you back and change the way you think about everything so that at the end of this gloriously life changing journey you will have the confidence in yourself to sell water to the ocean!

Did I scare you off yet? No? Good then get ready for the journey of a lifetime that will end with you being successful enough to be the feature of a business success story like one that undoubtedly inspired you to take this roller-coaster journey that ends with you living the life of your dreams.

Imagine making so much money, you can live the life of your dreams…

02  Level Up Your Personal Life

Are you ready to Take Your Life Up To the Next Level?

Get ready to start each day with excitement and curiosity!

I’ve got you covered! I know the life you want is is filled with passion, enthusiasm  and excitement. You have big dreams and are committed to living that vision but just need some help to climb over under or around that invisible wall that seems to be between you and the life you want.

This is the Level Up coaching you have dreamed of… a program to embark on this this journey of self-discovery and growth so you can become more self-aware as you create the life of your dreams!

Whether you want to:
  • Start taking decisive ACTION on your goals
  • Make the connection with your true self
  • Attract the ideal partner or rekindle the flame in your current relationship
  • Turn the dial up on mindfulness to about 1000 decibels!
  • Get more In-tune with your thought process and the results they produce
  • Live with more enthusiasm, excitement and passion!


03  Transforming Your  Relationships

Are you not as happy as you once were in your relationship? Your relationship success could encompass any relationship you are in, from business relationships, work relationships, relationships with your family, children, spouse etc, and how these affect your thinking and what you believe about ourselves.

You go to work everyday, but get this dreaded feeling when you think about all or some of the people you have to work with? Heck you want to call in sick almost everyday, and if it wasn’t for the paycheck, you probably would…Your needs are no longer being met, at home or at work. This is just not the right situation for you, one thing is clear: you are no longer as excited as you once were about your job, your relationship and yes…being a parent. Learn how to stop the endless, pointless fights, stop the finger pointing and let go of the habits that are slowly or quickly eroding your relationships.

End the loneliness and feeling of being stuck in situations that are no longer working for you, and most likely for those around you as well. You have to either fix it or find your way out of it. We will work together to help you learn how to figure out ways to stay true to yourself and still make the relationships that you want either work or find you relationships that will. So if this relationship (whether it is a work, partner or business relationship) is done we will make sure that your next one work for you. We will make the changes necessary for those relationships that you must have work for you and them like the relationships with your family and children.


04  Manifesting The Ideal Relationships

How about finally finding the ideal relationship that will work for you…

It can get lonely sometimes without a relationship, if you want one. You feel left out and alone, and some days you wonder if you will ever find someone right for you, instead of someone that is just good for right now.

And let me guess—you have tried everything, but nothing seems to work, you still have not found the ideal mate. You’ve…

Analyzed your previous choices to see the pattern

  • Tried counseling
  • Talked to your friends
  • Read self-help books
  • Attempted every type of dating avenue
  • Even let your Grandma set you up…(yikes!)

The truth is, we all want a loving relationship. We have all been in search of the secret ingredient or magic formula for long lasting relationships for years and most of us just can’t figure out how to make it all work. You are not alone. I hear you and I know this experience too well.  

With Power-Manifesting you will learn the secrets to finally finding the right connection again. No matter what stage of life you’re in, finding, maintaining or improving a healthy relationship takes effort. But the great news is (drum roll please!) … YOU have the power to achieve more happiness, more intimacy, and less drama RIGHT NOW.

Let me show you how…

05  Power Manifesting & The Law Of Attraction

The only difference between people who ACTUALLY lead an extraordinary life, and people who just WISH or READ about it…is  mindset, concrete action plans and most importantly,  ACTION! ACTION! ACTION!

Does any of this apply to  you?

  • You are inspired to make changes in your life but don’t know how.
  • You feel like you deserve more.
  • You want to but know you are not living to your fullest capacity.
  • You are looking for love, health, abundance and joy in your life but just can’t get there. 

I hope you’ll decide to join us so you can turn your desires into reality in one or all areas of your life.

What Is The Difference Between You & The Success Story You Heard That Inspired You?

Learn to get rid of the limiting beliefs and thoughts that have been holding you back, leading you to make negative choices. 

Learn how to make the law of attraction work in every part of your life

Skip the line and start over with my guidance

You’re stuck, overwhelmed, and tired, and you need help finding your way forward.


  • 1:1 Coaching Call (1 hour)


    Our powerful manifestation techniques will provide a shortcut to manifest your desires. We’re always using the law of attraction when we’re using it consciously, amazing things can happen.

    Duration : 60 MIN

  • 1:1 Coaching Call (45 mins)


    Our powerful manifestation techniques will provide a shortcut to manifest your desires. We’re always using the law of attraction when we’re using it consciously, amazing things can happen.

    Duration : 45 MIN/session

  • 90-minute Feng Shui Annual Floor plan


    Consult will include learning your personal Feng Shui of your best directions for your career, health, wealth, money, love, and how to activate them. Your Zodiac animal and your secret friends and allies. Also, you will learn your worst directions that carry loss, illness, bankruptcy, loneliness, and bad luck and how to remedy them.

    Analysis with 15 page report (8 hours prep)

  • Power-Manifesting Affirmation Card Deck


    Picture the confident you who will know EXACTLY how to approach each potential relationship with confidence. Whether it is work, business, family, children or your spouse, know immediately how to approach them and make the right decision for you and them.


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