Feng Shui Consulting – 90 minute consult – to determine your Chinese Zodiac animal, your best and worst directions according to your birth-date, and how best to remedy the negative energies and activate the great energies for the year. It can be done from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a telephone and an internet via phone on Zoom or Messenger.

Consult will include learning your personal Feng Shui of your best directions for career, health, wealth, money, love, and how to activate them. Your Zodiac animal and your secret friends and allies. Also, you will learn your worst directions that carry loss, illness, bankruptcy, loneliness, and bad luck and how to remedy them.

You will also receive a floor-plan analysis on your home or office for activating the best directions for 2020 and suppressing the negative energies of the year.

The deluxe package will include all of the above plus a Natal Chart Floor-plan analysis of your home or business based upon the date it was built, and how the energies naturally flow through your home or business. And, also as part of the deluxe package, a natal reading on everyone who lives in your home, all of their best and worst directions, plus which colors to paint your house/office and rooms to achieve a smooth flow. Working from the street all the way to the rear of the home or business, determine which elements should be at different locations around your yard. Minimum 2 hour session.

Analysis with 15 page report (8 hours prep)