Feng Shui Basics

Feng Shui Moments

I need to start sharing some Feng Shui moments over here! I have so much of it rolling in my mind as I am rolling around everywhere I go!

But, according to Feng Shui and my GUT…THIS YEAR OF THE METAL RAT is the year to STAY PUT and build businesses. The Metal Rat is also about building “coins”. I am seeing “no travel, just work and build.” Beware of overwork of course, but this year also has a lot of strong Capricorn energy, and everything is pointing to making work and building wealth this year.

We started this Western New Year and Chinese New Year with the Corona Virus 🦠. They say how a year begins sets the tone for that year. Use this time of staying close to home to your benefit as GREAT CHANGES are coming economically. For example, Amazon has officially entered the grocery market with a cashierless system, which will eliminate thousands of cashier jobs. Artificial Intelligence and automation are the wave of the future. I am telling you this to give you a head’s up. This year is the year to work and save and prepare.

The Rat is the first animal of the Chinese Zodiac and the Spring, so it is right in line with the beginning of all things new. You can make it your year of planting good seeds with this energy behind you 🌱

Yours in great Feng Shui!